Turn on app monetization

I upload the app to CHplay first to get the ID inserted into the “Google Ads app ID” section of the “Monetization in Project Setting” section
or register to make money at my.kodular first, get approved, and then upload the app to CHplay.
Please help me how to get “Google Ads App ID”

On Google AdMob:

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I haven’t uploaded the app to CHplay yet.
What website’s app id is this?

I have to upload the app to Chplay to get the app ID?

You will find the “Google Ads App ID”, in your Google AdMob account, referring to the application that you will souhaitez publier.

Your Google AdMob account is the one that allows you to monetize.

However, it may depend on the regions. Google may have different procedures for each region.

It is not there. Go to “Applications” and follow the instructions to configure your application in Google AdMob, then select the application and in the application settings you will find the ID there.

First, I have to upload the app to CH play, then have the app ID and then register to monetization.

Click on the Add your first app button and follow the instructions. After configuring your ad units, place the ad ID’s and AdMob account in your application on Kodular. Then export the aab file to upload to the Google Play Store, then indicate in AdMob that the application is in the Google Play Store. Don’t forget the app_ads.txt file, which should be at the root of your site.
But follow AdMob’s instructions, in between you have many things to do.

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Do I need to replace this ID with my own, or keep it

You must put the ID that is in Google AdMob.

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Is this ID correct, it is “Google Ads App ID”

Yes. It’s that number.

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