Tutorial push notification

Hello everyone, does anyone know about how push notificantion works in OneSignal?

Can you be specific about what you want to know?

I am sure, he doesn’t know how to use Push Notifications component on Makeroid.

Hello @Domi

If you are looking for a tutorial on using PushNotifications with Makeroid, check this #howto by @Madan_M


WOW!!! It´s just what I need.
Gooood tutorial!! Thank you very much!!!

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Hello guys i have one thing to ask about push notification.
i want make fitur " if someone in apps allready click the button " the apps send me (a developer) notification. can i do that with kodular? @Ben @pavi2410 Thanks

Yes you can do that, connect your admin app to firebase and configure onesignal with admin app use one signal push notification extension and use that in user app, where ever you want to send notification to admin, somewhere behind the button or activity

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okay tank you, i will looking for the tutorial first hehehhe

Check this tutorial,


bro please help.can you send me a aia file or image by making one signal extension please?

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Welcome to community @smsaraalam34!
Which AIA file you need?
You should follow above tutorials and everything is explained very well.

like @FahadAhmad said, Blocks are Defined on that post with all details, try that if dost work then you can ask here