Tutorial TinyDB to File and back

(Marggx) #1

hey today i have made a little creation thought this may be usefull

it will convert a TinyDB with all tags and values to a text that can be stored as a file and back

if you click a button it will save all tags of you tinydb and there values in a list, then it converts the lists into csv rows ( better to the file back to an Tinydb) and adds a ! between them so we later can split them
this will be safed as a file when the button gets clicked

if you press the file to Tinydb (in my project the read button) it will get the file it then splits the text at the !
after that it converts the csv rows back to two normal list (tags, values), these will then be safed back to the tinydb

this might be usefull for games where the player wanna backup there stats

will soon be available in my new App :makeroid:

AIA FILE tinydbtofile.aia (4,4 KB)

(Sander Jochems) #2

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