Tv on live com m3u

good night, I bought the mls video hls extension, I want to use it with live tv stream, but it works 30 seconds later to and have to the player again, someone already used it for this I will leave the apk link here

you must contact the developer of the extension

ja fiz isso, mais passei varios dias mandando email para eles e nada, agora ate retirou minha licença da extenção so porque eu coloquei o apk aqui para voce verem o que estava acontecendo.

agora nem devolverão o dinheiro e nao me derão a licença

Community language is English, translate the text so everyone can understand

it’s strange that someone withdrew the license for sharing apk! if they don’t want to make you share your apk then why do they gave you license moreover was there something related to that written in terms and condition when you bought?
and sorry I cannot do something in that case you have to contact the developer of the extension

Apparently you shared the aia file with two users that tried to help you, that’s against privacy-policy and thereby your license was revoked


in another topic?



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I did not sell or present, the people just tried to help me they will do it, but they should help and try to resolve the time I asked to help and not cancel, if they were supported and help in the extension I would not need to seek help in the community . now I have no license and no money he doesn’t want to give back

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but if you share the aia then its not good as aia can be easily used to extract extension, and every extension developer with paid extension have this is in their terms and condition. you can only share apk, this is because when you ask them to support the perso helping may also use the extension, this doesn’t happens in most of the case but we dion’t know who do this

good morning, a staff that I hired to support me to help me asked me to send the aia so he could see how I was doing, because he wanted to understand for me to help the problem he did not work in the condular and nor in thunkable only worked 30 seconds, but I sent several email to hsl warning of my problem and they will not answer the email, so I tried to help here and in the community. if they had been helping me or given support it would not have happened

Did you shared the aia with the staff of the extension developer or to someone in community?