Twitter API problem. Some news/alternative?

Hi Koders!
An year ago I wrote this topic searcing a good guide to “how to set Twitter API”, but unfortunely I realized that Twitter’s API was broken. ( How to set Twitter API )

I want to know if someone have created a working extension or had a working method to use them.
If not, can you give me some alternative API like Facebook API or something that able me to post text, and search text without work on a Databse like Firebase or similar.

Thank you, have a great day.

@Taifun I tag you because i know your work on this <3

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the Twitter component still is broken, see also


Do you think is possible to use them with Web component?
Beacuse on Twitter’s website the documentation is wonderful, but all the examples are in JS,Java,C++ ect
so in AppInventor is very difficult to recreate.