Two location sensors, cant add

two location sensors, cant add. standart location sensor not worked , i tri to add exnernal sensor from koi, but this dont working to. this error was earlier on different apk of another coder here, people what can i do with it ? ? ?

does it even work for one?
i guess it does not support for extensions

yes, yo aright. i try connect one of them to the map, but everytime cant do it. this Map cant see and connect any sensors to itself

Since it doesn’t work from designer why don’t you set it with blocks when screen initialize ?



if there are two sensors then get join block

hi Dora,i glad to see you. i do it, but result was same, and i see this messagre on phone screen.

may be it is becaouse i use android 10, i have no another idea about this error, and i look same error her from another coder, he is wrote before about it

u can see here

Thank you, i use it, but haved wrong result unfortunatly

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if u are in home it wont go inn open world like a desert or plain land without walls it will give correct one

ya right, but its other error. i cant start use location sensor (add them) in designer and block parts, and have error on start my apk

any idea?

dont try with block way.if on emulator it wont wrk

i use apk on my phone , without emmulator. :thinking: and hade this result

When do you receive this error ? Please post your blocks, relevant to the problem

i guess he has not used proper code

yes, please. But most problem is un visibylity of any location sensor for map container. whatever where we try add it. i seen same case in this chat, how can i fix it ?error

good morning Dora, i cant fix it and i started a new project over vpn with use usa standart location. so, new test prokject works like that now. step by step with switc off vpn and add new altitude and longtitude i will try to chamge location to needed. thank you for answering. ps: I did an apk but this apk not show person location on the open air. I dont understand whats wrong unfortunetly , please see my aia file.test.aia (22.1 KB)

location Uploading: location.jpg…