Two Week Challenge : Social App

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:joy: you have to needed this app that’s why you created this challenge :joy::joy:.



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What is the reward yougive


multimedia sending: easy
live-call: no posible
live video: not posible
sharing post and status: easy
select emoji font: dont understand
can easy move to ios: imposible

i think you need explore others plataforms.
try flutter (android and ios with only one code), ionic, phonegap or make an another language like angular, vue, react for web app applications.
then you can try use a webviewer to load it. (here webviewer does not work with some url) so go to app inventor, AppyBuilder, Thunkable.


Thanks for your reply !
Start from Now, you will have 2 weeks to finish this challenge, please upload and send us the apk via this post before the deadline.
Deadline : 12 September 2018

Interested members please upload your apk via this post before the deadline !

Deadline : 12 September 2018

You do realize that some of the features you request are impossible to make on the AID platform? That includes Makeroid.



  • you may add HTML Codes
  • use as less as code you can
  • you may add Chatbot, or any incredible features
    -using extension is allowed, but it is more amazing if you don’t use any extension
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Tum bna sakte ho to .
Aisa app bna Kr reward le jaooo

Tum bna sakte ho to .
Aisa app bna Kr reward le jaooo

Video call is little bit possible but API is too costly

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Possible with surface and firebase component together.


Can you please provide an .aia file having live video call. @Mika

No time. Sorry.

You can use the “Got Preview” event on surface component and store the image on firebase.

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Then can you please explain as i would like to add live video call in my app

I said “Live Video” not video call.

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Ok then can you please explain how to add live video in my app.

10 days left from today for this challenge.
anyone not interested yet ?

Hello Mika,

What about Audio, is it possible ?

I actually tried to make a Live Call App, but I found that I can’t do that with Sound Recorder

i thinks live call not best option with Sound Recorder
if posibol e can do its with phone call component