.txt files can't be uploaded to assets

Describe your issue

Files with extension .txt can’t be uploaded to assets on Kodular website.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Try to upload a file.txt to your assets using Assets Manager or any other way.

Expected Behaviour

File should be uploaded and listed with the others assets on Assets Manager.

Actual Behaviour

After picking any others files, the file start to upload, but if it is a .txt nothing happens, as if I had canceled or pressed Esc.

Working for me. What is the content of your txt file? Is it a large file?

Just 1 line

Try another browser. Also, clear your cahce and try again.

save it as html

If it still does not work, the it is a content issue or as @yusufcihan said, check cache.

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Oh I figured it out, I woul ask you to try to upload it using your accounts.
For some reason, empty files are not allowed (I found it out because I tried to upload it here in the forum).

I thought I had written something in the file but it was empty.


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