Type 2 parameters on SimpleProperty

As shown in the picture I did 2 parameters on SimpleProperty

this is problem how to solve it ?

Use @SimpleFunction insted of @SimpleProperty

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2 parameters are not allowed in simple property either use a list, a simple function or take both the values as separate properties.

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Have you seen any property block which support two params ?

Use SimpleFunction instead,

public void MinMaxValue(int min, int max){


//As fields
private int minValue = 0 ; // def value
private int maxValue = 0; //def value

public void MinValue(int min){
   this.minValue = min;
   rulerValuePicker.setMinMaxValue(this.minValue, this.maxValue);

public void MaxValue(int max){
   this.maxValue = max;
   rulerValuePicker.setMinMaxValue(this.minValue, this.maxValue);


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