Type Java script code DIRECTLY

Good morning

I think that kodular is very powerfull tool…but the code programming is very hard (interact with block and mouse)…

Please would be posible, that kodular let us write javascript (typescript) or whatever languaje directly on the blocks? this options unblock the limits power of this amazing kodular…

Example :

If myapp.image.visible then
myapp.image.visible = .f. ;
myapp.image.text = “example.jpg”;
myapp.blockmessage.show(“Error some image must choice”) ;

Write code is more efecty and more products hours that drag block code…

Also if i can write directly code we could have a debugger step by step…

PLEASE… PLEASE… freely kodular write script, that I can have 2 options : blockcode and script code.

Very thanks you.

That ruins the functionality of Kodular. Why don’t you use JS then?

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I don’t see how. A text-based code editor in Kodular would be great, even if the language were to be a scripting language specific to Kodular. While blocks can be created with a keyboard by typing it in, nothing beats the speed of pure text code.

It has been discussed and debated multiple times, and I for one look forward to having a text-based code editor in Kodular. :slight_smile:


If you now Javascript then you can learn React Native.
Kodular is based on blockly.

And one language Blockly was built to compile to, is JavaScript. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t work that way, though.

Blockly’s in-built JS generator isn’t of much use to us. Kodular apps are written in YAIL, with the components written in Java. So you’d still need a way to compile JS to YAIL. We’ll need a custom tokeniser/parser to work with the features you find in blocks that don’t exist in JS (for example, the local variable blocks)
Writing a custom parser, while not very hard from a technical perspective, does require us to make difficult design choices wrt how the text-based language will look.


I know. After all, we’ve had this conversation a million times. However, a man can dream. :slight_smile:


Engineer as you said… “we´ve had this conversation a millions times”… that means that is a desire of big people requirement…(smile)

Please thinking about that… THANKS…

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After I joined the community , this is the first time I am seeing such a request.

Also I think Blockly is best and there is no need to add any other editor in Kodular.

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