Unable to accept PayPal International payments

From few days i am trying to receive payment from Europe from my client through PayPal.

But everytime the client send me payment it is getting denied and says the sender is non verified and located outside the US.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

I have searched a lot on internet but not got any solution, i know this problem is not related to Kodular but if someone has faced same problems in past then he can help me.

It clearly says that the sender is not verified(The person who is sending payment to you)

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But is also saying that it is located outside of the US.

Search on Google or any search engine :sweat_smile:
There is also paypal fourms for it

Not found any solution

For international payments you must have a business account i guess

No,you can easily accept overseas payment with personal account

Yes, i have paypal business account.

I would ask in the PayPal forums, this really isn’t the place.