Unable to Apply for Child Account (Ad Manager)

Pleae invite me in google ad manager because i have the same problem

Hi Please send me invitation manually i also face same issue send invitation on this email

I have approved app in kodular but app is not on playstore. Can i apply for child account? Am i elligible?

I’m facing the same problem for days too

Hello again @Vishwas ,

Just to follow up, it has been 11 days and the Kodular’s Child Account register page is still not working.
Apologize for being impatience but I would really love to start implementing the Ad Manager to my app since legacy AdMob component is not around anymore.

Thank you.
Have a nice one.

Hello Vishwas I have the same issue my kodular app is approved but the google ad manager signup not working please send me invitation link thank you

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Hi all
You should be able to apply for child accounts now.


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You sent me link in april went expire please resent me. There is no opition showing in my account to get this link athough my app is approved.

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You can re-request a link from My Kodular

Its showing like this many times i refreshed the page and login logout.

Hello there,

Thank you for the response.
But, on my side, still, nothing happens when I click the “Sign up” button

Is there anything I should do?
Sorry for the long thread.
Thank you!

i have the same problem

Hello !
I have the same problem… (exactly the same comportement as @Sidiq_Pangestu, how do you fix hat ? )
I have a valid account on ad manager, But when I want to take the approbation it does not work :frowning:
I tried :

  • incognito mode
  • edge / chrome

nothing work…
How can I do that ?
I am blocked to generate my app, I was using google ads and I have to switch to ad manager but it is the problem I think.

Thanks in advance @Kodular
(Help @Vishwas )

Hello everyone,

Thank you for the contribution.
I am here again to inform that the sign up button can now process the proper request. As for now, I am waiting for the verification process to be done by Google.

Goodbye, have a nice one!