Unable to Apply for Child Account (Ad Manager)

Hello there,

I am sorry but I am stuck in a problem on creating a child account for Google Ad Manager.
I already have an app being approved for monetization, then I went to this page below and tried to click Sign up for a Google Ad Manager account, but after a couple clicks, it does not load anything.

I have read these articles

I appreciate those guides but they do not seem to give the proper approach for this problem.

How do I solve this?

Thank you.
Stay safe and healthy.


Hi there,

Sorry, I added this message just to make this post go up in homepage. I still unable to find the proper approach.

Thank you.

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Could you please post a screenshot of what you see after clicking on “Sign up for a Google Ad Manager account”? Thanks

Hello, Vishwas.

Thank you for the response.
The following GIF shows what happened after clicking “Sign up for Google Ad Manager account”

In case you cannot see the omitted GIF, here is the link to view it : Unable-to-Make-Child-Account-Kod — ImgBB

If both GIFs are not clear enough to be seen, please refer to this video

As seen on the GIF, there is nothing happened after the sign up button is clicked. I have tried

  • Reloading the page
  • Using different browser
  • Logged in with Google account
  • Making sure there is no prior Ad Manager currently ran on my Google account as it is a perquisite written on the Kodular Docs

I am looking forward for the needed approach. Thank you and stay safe!

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Hmm that shouldn’t be happening. I’ll take a look and see what’s wrong on our end. In the meantime, I can manually send you an invite. Are you trying to register with the same email address as the one you’ve used to sign up here?

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Hello, Vishwas.

Thank you. It is very kind of you. Yes, I would like to register for Ad Manager monetization and my e-mail address is the same I use to sign up in this community.


Hello Dear Kodular Staff,

Recently my has been approved by kodular. I have invitation link by kodular to sign-up on kodular but Google AdManager sent me this email everytime in return.

Please help

While when i go for apply for invitation email when i open payments it loads like this.

If Google do not approve your Ad Manager account, I’m afraid there isn’t anything we can do to change that

Hi there, Vishwas.

I am really sorry for interrupting, I would like to try accessing my Ad Manager signing up process again but it seems I cannot open the My Kodular site. I also have not gotten the invitation in my inbox. What should I do?

Thank you.
Take care!

It seems we have hit the limit on the max number of invites Google can process simultaneously. This limit is reset at the start of each week. Please wait till an invite can be issued to you.
Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Hello, Vishwas.

Appreciate for the immediate response. I see that there is a “queue” for me to get to the Ad Manager registration. It is totally fine! I’ll be waiting until Monday and respond again to this topic for the result. Thank you for the action taken.

Best regards.

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email everytime when i apply for GAM.


My was not approved at that time when I got invite link in (April 2022) this year. I applied for GAM account it was was approved at time.

This week my app has been approved now i again click on invite link i got in (April 2022) again i got email that i should contact kodular for the problem.

Can you please re-sent invite link because when i go in My Account\payments i dont find an opition to apply for account.

Please sent me link on my email. tnx vishwas :blush:

i have same issue like this, Please sent me link on my email. thx vishwas

Same issue here. Clicking on the Payments/Sign Up for a Google Ad Manager account
button and nothing happens.
Hope it gets resolved.
Have a great day!

Hi there, @Vishwas

It is me again. Continuing the last topic I posted, this message is to inform that as of 2022-07-05T10:08:00Z, I still have not received an invitation email.

I also tried to open this page below, again, but after clicking the “Sign up for Ad manager” button, it is still not doing anything.

I am looking forward for the expected approach.
Thank you and have a nice day.

We’re still working on clearing up slots to request an invite. I will let you know here when we have updates.

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Hi, there.

Sure thing, thank you so much for the response.

Stay safe and healthy!

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hi please I have the same issue, I wish you manually send me the invite too, on this email account, Thanks