Google AdManager Account Setting

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When i open my account and go for apply child account invite. The page shows like this.

Vishwas can you please sent me invite link for admamager?

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Next step is now.

Once approved, your account will be automatically linked to the Kodular network

Please approve my account.

It tells you that your info is being reviewed so just be patient. It can take some time. Also, if it’s Google doing the review then Kodular has no say in the matter. So just sit tight.

That’s right. We cannot speed up this part of the process as Google is responsible for reviewing and approving accounts.

See again the sent email my Google admanager is not approved. I never use AdMob Adsense & AdManager before. I only use Facebook with my Gmail. Only this. Dont know why they are not approved. Even My App is approved with kodular. Or my invite link is too Old. I got invite like 4 months ago & my first app approved a weeks ago.

This is almost certainly between you and Google, Kodular can’t really do anything about it. Please contact Google, and if possible launch an appeal with them. Perhaps Kodular staff can suggest a solution but at the end of the day they have no power over Google.

Banner Ad is not working with me too. However, there is no problem with Interstitial ad. Is anybody else facing this problem?

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@Vishwas help