Ad Manager Sign-in problems

Hi, I searched for similar posts but i dont found an answer.
i ran into two problems:

  • when I try to register for a Child Account in the payments section nothing happens (no window open, no modal and no email) is this normal?

  • Even when I try to register or log into Ad Manager directly, it always brings me back to the home as a guest.

I use the same google email on kodular and for google products (adMob, adSense ect), could this be the problem?

Thanks for the attention!

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did you find any solution?

Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing please?

We recommend you use the same account for everything, and you’re allowed to have an Ad Manager account and an AdMob account with the same email, so it’s unlikely this is the problem

I would have nothing to show, every time I request Ad Manager in kodular it reloads the same page, even if I go directly to the official website of admanager at the end of the registration process it makes me return to the homepage without registering

I don’t really know what to do

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Yes i have the same google account / email for everything

No one is in the same situation ? No solution for this problem?

got the same problem

I have the same problem, any solution?

look for help here and on other platforms, there are many with this problem and I didn’t find an answer, even today I’m looking for someone enlightened and still nothing.

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record this video to demonstrate the error that our friend mentions, see me here too but no one responded. It is not my intention to spam but if that serves to receive help I will be grateful. By the way, it may be of some use, but I’m from South America.


I have the same problem for four days of trying.

please help me please

Community’s official language is English so please follow community’s rules

How much time will take to solve this issue?

I also face this problem in recently.

i am having the same problem. I haven’t been a member for two months, can you help me please?