Ad manager problem

I have implemented Ad manager banner and rewarded video in my app. Although there is average daily download of app is about 30. kodular report is showing no banner ad till date. even there is only 3 views in rewarded video. kindly help

I’m also having the same problem, admanager doesn’t show ads, just my old apps that have admob

Don’t look for solution here no one will help you on this, shift to other platform

I can’t use ad manager banner in my apps and admob banners no longer work. I’ve been looking for help with the problem with using the ad manager. I hope this is the place. I have Kodular Premium. I am subscribed to the Ad manager. I submitted ad manager approval on kodular more than 3 weeks ago. I have no return. I can’t create a child account in ad manager. Please any help?


I’m having problems too… I have banner and interstitial in my app and it doesn’t load any ads


This really sucks, i am also experiencing the same problem from last 2 weeks or so. Irony is as my apps installations are increasing, my earning is decreasing. :slightly_frowning_face:

if you have child account in good standing then i can help you to fix ad loading issue.

Child account in good standing? Sorry I didn’t get you.
So far there is no problem with my admanager account.

fine. have you configured your seller.json or ada.txt properly?

Well I haven’t seen or touched ads.txt in Ad manager. Can you tell me where and how to do that?

please follow the instructions

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I can’t see any child network code in my Ad Manager

edit : well, I got it. Will implement the same and see the result.

It’s more than 24 hours now, still Banner ads are not appearing in any of my app. :frowning: