Unable to build apk

Still now getting aapt error


Which other components/extension have you used.

Only customwebview, button, textbox, vertical arrangement

And what’s in assets ?

a png format picture

Check this also:


I also think so, show Screenshot of assets.

just started making this app

and getting problems

It’s strange, try reloading the page.
Can you share the AIA ?


sorry for security purposes i can’t

not working after reloading also

So can you check this suggestion.Export the aia.And open your assets and see if you have a project in your assets.If you have delete it:
Like this:

I don’t have any project in assets @Mohamed_Tamer

Did you checked.It won’t be visible in your assets on kodular website.You must export an aia and check

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You can share it in PM

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It worked for me :grin:

Changes :

Changed package name to com.sagnik.vc
And changed blocks order here

I think error was due to package name.

Because when I made changes in block’s and tried to compile then also error occurred, but when changed package name then it worked.

Check screen names if there screen exist with spaces then also This error Comes

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