Unable to capture TITLE of the notification using Taifuns notification listener

@Taifun could you please help me with the issue. You know that we are all facing problem. That the extension is returning a blank TITLE field. Pic is attached

well, that is not correct…

it looks like some apps (in your case Google Pay) do not provide the necessary information in the same way as other apps are doing it… therefore the extension provides an empty string as title in this case

I put this issue onto my to do list and in case I find some motivation then I will look at it…



Taifun sar, plsssssssssssssss i will send u motivation if u want. Plsss my whole project is on hold due to that donkey google pays issue. Used many of ur extensions they are all BEST of the kind. U r really a gem of extensions. I think it’s a small thing for u to solve sar, pls help us. Already, we are jobless bachelors trying our best to make money with the help of people like u & people behind no platforms .

I have modified @Taifun 's extension a little bit and it works.
com.puravidaapps.TaifunNotificationListener.aix (12.5 KB)

(Let me know if I should remove it)


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@vknow360 Ohhh thattsssss great. Thanxx for the efforts i will try and get back to uuu​:innocent::innocent:

@vknow360 Vro its working finally thanxxxx alot for the efforts @Taifun and you made. But theres one new problem that notification filter isnt working. pls tryna look into it.

please also provide the updated source code
thank you


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Notification filter is not open source, so I can’t add that unfortunately.
You’ll have to wait till Taifun updates the extension.

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