Unable to change color of an component

Hello, I have created an app with cardview,label,arrangements and airtable. when i went to change bg color of card view i get popup that says “An internal error has occurred. Report a bug?”. Kindly help

Welcome to community. This has been anwsered many times see


I have the same problem but I need another solution because I don’t want to change my project aia.
if i changed it i have to take approval for ads and publishing it on google play from the begining.

The only other solution is to wait for Kodular to fix this bug. They may fix it soon, or they may never fix it at all. They were supposed to fix it in the June update but didn’t. You might end up having to change the aia and get approval again. Supposedly for premium users it should be a quick process.

Hello, I have a question please what changes in the project AIA if copied ?

It is a really big problem if they can’t solve it
things like this must not having all this time it make kodular unuseful at all

Are you a premium user?

Actually, I am thinking to be a premium user but with every update, I have a problem making me lose time

If you become a premium user then you should be able to get ad approval quickly. So either follow the suggestion by dora_paz or potentially wait forever for Kodular to fix this bug.

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