Unable to change package icon from Project settings/General/Icon

I am unable to change the package icon. I have several assets uploaded, including a simple 512*512 .png, and from the Screen1 properties can select them as images. The icon option is in Project settings/General however the assets do not appear in the icon drop down, only the word None. I get a compile error with None selected and am now unable to not select it. I have searched for similar problems but the answers are generally change the icon under the screen properties (for an earlier version) or change the icon under Project settings/General however this does not appear to be working for me. I have tried uploading images using the Project settings/General/Icon upload option which quite happily puts the image into assets but these assets never become available from the drop down. Obviously this is working for everyone else, can you please advise where I should be looking. Thanks.

No issue here … reload / refresh browser and try again.

Thankyou, solved my problem, embarrased thast I didn’t think of that. :blush: :slightly_smiling_face:

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