Unable to change text color of alert in Notifier


I’ve added 2 notifiers in my app in the same screen. However, when I call the “Show Alert Notice” function from my second notifier, the text color seems to linked to my first notifier and doesn’t change/work unless I change the text color of the first notifier. Seems like a bug to me, would be great if someone could verify this.

Thanks a ton!

First of all why use two notifiers ? Depending on what you want to do change the notice. In my example it works fine

Yeah I am using this workaround. But if true, a bug is a bug and should be reported.

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Yes if you using two notifiers the problem exists, I tried it also. Never faced it cause I always use one notifier :slight_smile:

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Can someone verify if this happens on AI2 too, please?


@Vishwas On AI2 works ok just tested



I actually noticed this a few months ago but never realised it was actually an issue :smile: I think I know why this is happening though.

You can follow the progress of this issue here:

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