Unable to click - Clicking properties of components not working

Hi, One of my previously developed app active on play store, to update it I downloaded the aia, made it compatible by recasting it with Recast tool, uploaded and exported apk, but the clicking properties of all components not working properly, means i am not able to click buttons, checkboxes and all other clickable components.

I checked in community but no solution was found.

I have used below extensions and most of them are on latest version and compatible with kodular.

I have created a custom grid layout using dynamic components, set it to clickable. But after exporting apk they are not clickable. Even normal button is not clickable.

Old apk is working fine, dont know what went wrong in recent kodular updates.

Working in companion but not in apk. Working in android 9, Problem is with Android 12.

Anyone know why it is happening with Android 12 only, or any extension causing it.

Sorry, you are the first one with this issue