Unable to Compile app without any error: The compiler error output was

I am trying since yesterday but same error is coming

I am getting the same compilation error but after a refresh the issue is resolved
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This happens everytime Kodular gets a new update. So maybe a new update is coming.

Its so easy your problems fix you must make copy of your app then download :grinning:

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I opened this topic 7 months ago

sry me i didnt seeit

Worked for me, thanks! :smiley:

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it’s doesn’t work for me, i tried to copy my project and export it to APK, but i still stuck on 50%

Are you able to build a new simple project, if yes then your other project has some issues and I guess this, if no then try again as it is server error…

thank you, it’s work

np this is nothing

of course it isnt solution but i tried and it work you can also close thistopic

You’ve just been lucky when you did that, if server doesn’t want build then whatever you do wont help…

Your approach is the same as rebuilding but more time consuming.

Who are you :thinking: is that your thread, NO… even if it was, it’s up to us to close it or that system does it for us

change your sdk level it will automatically remove problem

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I also have the same problem. The application did not work. I need your help. Please help me

Have you tried

Now he has downloaded the application, but pages he enters and pages he cannot access. Why?

You tell me as I have no clue what is going on your side…

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