Unable to create text box in radio button

I wanted to create text box(3rdly)in a radio button(2ndly) in card view(1st) all of it just using dynamic extension…but Having id error…is this possible?

Yes it is, post your procedure here

See blocks below. Take join block and replace empty textbox, delete all others


Its showing the variable

But i wanted to make an text box so that I/user can input text

I hope it is not possible the way you think
. But it is possible with this combo

  1. After creating cardview, create a HA in it
  2. Then in each HA create first radio button then text box


An example

Yes … As i guess… this is radio button + text box combo only .

In HA you need to create
Radio button + text box + label/button(for the cancel symbol)

What is the Component name of Textbox??

You can drag textbox into the project and hide, then use the component in the place of created in


Use TextBox

try like this…

If you want, you can use cardview

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