Unable to display picture from camera in DynamicComponents Extension image component

Hi I have made a quiz app each quiz has three option yes, no, not available along with a remarks text box and camera image allowed to be captured. This layout is generated using DynamicComponents Extension. Howeever, If you run the app whether in companion and apk you can’t display picture after capture. I have attached aia. Please tell is it a bug or a extension problem,
Quiz.aia (457.5 KB)

Please figure out the problem.

Post a screenshot of the relevant parts of your designer and blocks.

Image is shown in specific cardview. What exactly do you want to achieve ?

I have attached the .aia. which will be easy to work with.

Image from camera. not the first one. the second one with camera icon shown does not show an image after it captures

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Camera icon starts camera and capter and displays an image on its own place.

Ok. Hopefully someone else can help you then.

The problem lies in this block. It was working without any problem. But suddenly stopped. I don’t know what is wrong in this block.

What is your android version?

Just add file:// with get image and try

I have tried everything. It is issue with Dynamic Components Extension. Something impossible to figure out

No. May be your blocks wrong .

May i know how did you get or store the global variable value? Instead of using split text just use get Id and use replace block.

To help you further pls post the dynmqic component creation procedure

To my knowledge the aia got corrupt because in my actual app it has 9 screens and apk size upto 19MB. Too much image resources. I have modified Quiz.aia to Quiz2.aia attached.
Quiz2.aia (431.2 KB)
My Designer Looks like this:

Even with this simple components it has failed to show any picture after captured. Kodular has something issues with its own stability with large apps and it is quite impossible to figure out.

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working well with android version less than 10

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if you are using anrroid version 10+ pls read @bodymindpower guide

Yes I have already followed as per Rename image by camera and I am able to copy or move the jpg file to a folder but the “image” component still does not display the captured image. It does not work with API >=10. To my surprise I have another app based on same blocks 80-90% same which works flawlessly.

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