Unable to Download Files in Android 11 (Stays at 0%)


I have a problem with my app regarding the downloading process.

My app has a feature to download media from online cloud and store the downloaded file onto the Download directory of the internal storage. The downloads work well and the progress can go all the way up to 100%, hence the media is saved in the folder and can be played. But, when it comes to Android on version 10 and over, the download progress stuck at 0%.

I am using the “Download” component so the downloaded media is saved in Download directory (should be able to be accessed (written or read) by scoped storage scheme), but in this case, the download does not even processing in Android 10 and over.

I have done :

  • Reading the topic on
  • Implementing permission : WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE
  • Using these blocks :

Any idea why the download does not working on Android 10 and above?

Thank you!

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me too its happen on lastest kodular 1.5.6

what’s change in download component?

I think nothing is changed, but it is because the app is installed on the newer version of Android (I believe SDK 29 and over?)

The downloading process still works fine on my Android 8 device, but not on Android 11

I am also facing in android 11 write external permission is not working it is showing an error 908

And the next bug: Bug number = countless + 1 :wink:
(It does not make sense at all to explain the cause of this bug again and again …)

Anke (bodymindpower) has explained it often enough.

It just doesn’t work on Android 11+. WRITE permission is declared on Android 10 and below.
So it should work on Android 10.

Hello, thank you for your response.

Yeah, I meant that it was not working in Android 11 and above, sorry for the misunderstanding.

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