Unable to find component spacer

I tried to transfer an one year old project from appybuilder to kodular.

It fails to load due to the error message “unable to find component spacer” and remains trying to load the project. I cannot stop this loading process, I have to close the website. Even CTRL+F5 does not work.

project name: goalie.aia or fsgoalie.aia

Because in kodular we have same component but named as space. I think so due to this error occurs.

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Remove any component that Kodular doesn’t have and try to import again. Also remove all ad components if you use them.


I understand, thanks for the answer. I hoped such things would have been adjusted before Appybuilder moved to codular. Exactly such elementary components as Spacer. No problem, I adjust the AIA and try again!

We’re still working on moving all AppyBuilder components to Kodular, and we hope to make your AppyBuilder projects compatible with Kodular by January 2020.
Please refer to this blog post for more dates and details.

Thank you for your patience!


Ok I just removed all "spacer"s right now and imported the aia to here. Works well but I have to add the space component.

Thank you for your work and duty. The users like me can do their part also.

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