Unable to find component "WiFiManager" while loading project --> Any way to open app?

Hello Kodular Community!

I inherited two apps that were originally built in AppyBuilder and migrated over to Kodular. The first app can be opened and modified without problems, but the other app cannot be opened. When I attempt to open it via Kodular, I get an error message stating: Unable to find component “WiFiManager” while loading project…

Is there any way to disable this component or a work around to get into this app to make any updates? Any help or input is appreciated.

For deleting this component…,
Go to Appybuilder and delete “WifiManager” , Then, Download the aia and import on kodular…

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Thanks for your feedback, but http://gold.appybuilder.com/ appears to point directly to Kodular now so this is not an option. There does not appear to be a way to open via AppyBuilder anymore.

Yes, Appybuilder recently merged with Kodular…
So, I think you can’t open Appybuilder

So, Can you post the aia here or pm…? I will try to solve it :relaxed:

Thank you, that would be great. I don’t seem to be able to PM you directly, but here is a link to the AIA file. https://bit.ly/2UHLKyL

I’ve manually edited the AIA file (screen1.scm) and removed the WifiManger component and it got imported now in kodular:
SH_App.aia (305.9 KB)
Here is a version exported with kodular with the required components( however I didn’t find a Version name block in kodular’s WiFi manger :confused: ):
SH_AppEdited.aia (305.5 KB)
P.S: you will need to change the WifiManger component blocks to the WiFi component :


Actually, AppyBuilder Offline is still usable after 2020 so if you have the offline version it is possible. Since your problem has already been solved, this is just a reminder in case if this does happen again.


Thank you very much for your support. This is very helpful. I was able to open the application. I will make the required updates to the Wifi. Thanks!

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Hi @Mohamed_Tamer can you PM me as I am not able to PM you -

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Sorry @ashadmin
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