Unable to find the component "customdialog" while loading the project while loading project

Hi, I was testing some extensions when I tried to delete an extension and Kodular showed an error that I don’t remember very well but was something like “unable to save project”…
I then closed Firefox and opend Kodular project again.
Now when I try to open that project I see this error:

I searched in community 2 topics where Boban and could solve this problem by editing the .aia file:

But I didn’t find any guide or tip that could help me to do this by myself. If someone could help me on how to do this or could edit it for me, I will be very thankful!

I had the idea to search for screen1.scm here in community and I found these 2 topics:

With this extra knowledge I opened screen1.scm file with Notepad and removed this line:

Then I saved, closed notepad and imported the modified .aia to Kodular again. After this the project is opening. But I am still afraid that it didn’t really solve the problem and may bring bigger problems in future (as app not working in some devices, or others problems). If someone can confirm if this thing that I did really is enough to solve the problem I will be very thankful.