AIA file structure


Some text used and adapted from
Katherine Kyle Feeney

Makeroid allows users to download the project files (or source file) for their projects, which can then be reloaded. The structure will look something like this:

The assets folders hold all files that have been uploaded to the project as an asset. If no assets are associated with a project then there will be no assets folder.
If you import an extension a folder named external_comps will be created inside the assets folder. The extension will be uploaded to the external_comps folder. There will be a folder created inside the external_comps folder for every extension.

The src/com/makeroid/[username]/[example] folder holds a .blk file and a .scm file for every screen in the project. For example every project will have a Screen1.blk file and a Screen1.scm file. The Screen1.blk file holds all information about the blocks associated with Screen1 and the Screen1.scm file holds information about the layout of Screen1.

The youngandroidproject folder holds only one file, the file. This file holds basic information
about the project, such as name, main screen and file structure.

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(Sander Jochems) #2

This looks great!!! But one thing :sweat_smile: we are using io.makeroid instead of com.makeroid


Oops. Corrected the mistake. :+1:

(Philipp Lang) #5

if i have problems to upload a appybuilder project can i manually import the screen scm and bik files, if there is no extensions with extensions i have to put them in theese folder what you told. I asked at first if this will work bc i worked 2 days to import an appybuilder project but if wont work i cannot open other screens i get each time an error and i cannot make or see anything of the screen.
i deleted all extension and such things from the block editor but each time the same.
so i do not want to spent 1 or 2 hours again and than it will not work again. wasted time for me. in this time i rebuild a screen.
I change to your builder bc appy builder have such problems with build apps bigger as 10 mb and their solutions are not possible bc offline server is not in sync with the online builder, so you cant upload your aia there. same error as i have here with my project. the other server what they mean are from appinventor and to upload work there aslo not. and to reduce images and upload the better images again after building the app bring not much more. and i have some other problems there with some things. and here the new builder is much better than the other builder on the market. so this is why i am here and i asked for this solution if this can work or not.
thanks and happy updateing.


Why don’t you try with an empty project and see what happens. Never tried that before.

(Philipp Lang) #7

thats my idea. mybe it wil work. Last question to you. What is with the keystore file. where i get this? normaly from the builder like in appybuilder because i have only the option to import an keystorefile but not the option to download the keystore



This is from the appybuilder menu.

(Philipp Lang) #9

yes but by me are there two button only half visible and i cannot click on them


I guess thats because you never imported a keystore before. If you do that for the first time the other options will be available.