How to open aia file and view it?

I want to open .aia file and view it.
It seems .aia file is kind of directory or .zip file. I want to see inside aia file and modify them or something. I get this idea from here.
I searched many places to open aia file, but nothing worked. Is there any way to look inside aia file, or modify them?

Just change the extension from .aia to .zip
And open it in WinRaR And modify it.

I guess you didn’t search good enough :wink:

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no need to change the file extension…
just open the aia file using any zip reader, for example 7zip


You are right @Taifun
But not all zip readers can open .aia file, but they can open .zip file
For example, In-built Zip Viewer (in Mobile Phones)

Changing a file extension doesn’t change the content to the file, but why is there a need of doing it? Considering you should have used a computer, I personally think changing the extension is useless.

And it is a bad practice too. Some software process things differently, and if that isn’t the way it should be in it’s original format, it might break. Refering to this post:

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