AIA File to Written Code for Doc

Hello. I have finised my AIA file for my undergraduate thesis.
But in our documentation, we need to encode the source code of the application.

I tried putting the code blocks snippet but it is so small already because i have blocks that are vertically long.

Can someone please convert my aia file to a source code?
I found a tutorial here, AIA file structure
but i dont seem to understand it.

Also, I have no android studio in my laptop because it cannot run it due to performance incompatibility.

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
Please comment so I can give the aia file.

Hi @idietherdave!

The AIA file is in itself is the source code of the application.
If you are asking how to convert the AIA to Java code directly, then I am afraid that it is not possible as of now.

I assume here that you are trying to include blocks as an image but they turn out to be too small to be legible in an image.
You can try including some important portions of the blocks instead of the entire blocks area.
If they are vertically long, try to factor them into smaller procedures and including them separately instead of trying to include the entire block as such.

I hope this helps.