Can we Convert Source code to Aia?

I just want to know how can we Convert app source code in Makeroid Aia file.
For education purpose only.
Is that possible or i am just wasting my time in converting.:joy:

Source Code in what format? What language? Be more specific please.

Ops sorry’ i forgot that.
Its Java

That’s useful information for someone who happens to know the answer (I don’t).

P.S. All you had to do was follow the train, CJ!

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If you’re trying to convert from aia to Java:

Apologies if I understood you wrong.

I think he means converting from Java to aia

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Java to aia is not possiple.
But you can create with java extensions aix.
Checkout our own makeroid IDE.


I think he means from AIA to Android Studio.

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To the extent that I know, " Converting java source code into an AIA is NOT possible !"
I’m not sure but I think !!

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So i have tried my best but i unable to compile or convert any source code to aia.
But i am still trying.

And one more thing that i found from community and google is we can make aix files of any source code.

But my goal is to convert app source code to aia.
If got or know anything about java to aia then please send info it will help me. A lot.:relaxed:

I know everything is possible.
I just need to remove the admob codes and some minor changes etc.

Thanks a lot.
It was very helpful for me :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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u meant converting android studio project to .aia for app inventor?

There’s is not only Android studio.

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oh i think it would not be possible?

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Everything is possible .
And i am sure i will definitely find a way to do this.

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All the best. hope you can do it.

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have u identified now.
if it is possible nw

I think no

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