Can't import my own made project aia

Plz help I can’t import my own project aia

Welcome to the community. Do you get any error when you try to upload aia to creator ?

It says selected file isn’t a project source file while it’s the same aia of the project I recently created l

Some browsers when you download a project saves them as zip files, maybe this is the case. Post a screenshot of your file


Here is my file ss

Not sure what the problem might be, I work only from pc so maybe another member of the community might help you.

Are you sure it is an aia ?

Because size seems 320KB. Could be an extension ?

Thinking so… he may renamed aix as aia…

Change the name as aix and try to upload it in any project understand extension. If it uploaded then it is an extension only…


Yes it is and I :joy: just knew I can’t import aia in android thanks for your time guys

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