Aia error in community

when i download aia from community then it shows cant load aia file
kindly help

thanks in advance

Any picture or screenshot to see the error ??

wait a second

like i download this aia and open it

then it says

I have two things to say:
1 The topics are only about programming problems with Kodular.
2 The link to google drive works fine. Just click to open google drive and you can download the aia file.
Sorry, I can’t help you more about this issue or I can be suspended.
I thought the problem was with Kodular Creator, I misread your first post.

dont be suspended

This is not error of your aia.

This is because your pc has no related app to open aia file.

Install WinRAR to open aia files within your pc.

i also have noxplayer

You can’t open aia file in Emulator. You need ZIP file reader app like WinRAR or 7ZIP.

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ok let us see :pray:t2:

I hope you are not confused between aia and apk


Bit confusing

Aia file

It is like a source code file for apps made on MIT App Inventor and all it’s distribution like Kodular, thunkable etc
It contains file like .bky file, .scm file etc
I found some info over the internet about this :point_down:

APK(Android Package)

While apk is an executable file which can executed on Android devices. You can say it’s a compiled form of all the files where all files are compressed together.
These are the files that you install on your device/Android emulator to enjoy different apps and games.