How to convert zip to aia

my app install but open button is disabled i export aia and change to zip and do some changes but i want to convert it to .aia. how to convert to .aia

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.aia files are already an archive. And can be opened directly via 7Zip, WinRAR etc. Just change the extension of file to make it .aia

i did it but I can’t re import it to kodular.

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What is the error? And can you share your aia file?


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Can you share your aia so we can take into look it?

i have zip that i converted from aia. aia is unfortunately deleted

Ok, can you share your zip then?

I messaged you . please check it.

I changed the file extension to .aia which yours was .zip, looks like you didn’t changed the extension after editing. :sweat_smile:

how you did it .?

I just opened the file manager, renamed the file, and replaced the “.zip” with “.aia” :sweat_smile:


Woah, @yusufcihan, you’re really king of app inventor world! :rofl: :crazy_face:

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:laughing: :laughing:

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method is not working in pc .

Then probably you didn’t enabled the “Show file extensions for known file types” option from Settings if you are using Windows.

After enabling just right click on the file, select Rename and replace “.zip” text with “.aia”


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