Convert Zip file to Aia file

By Mistake my Aia file changed to Zip file.
Now how to change Zip file to Aia file.
Please help :pray:

Rename it and remove .zip after the name.


Just rename it from or to project.aia


I have tried to change .zip to .aia
That files are not supporting

I have tried to change .zip to .aia
That files are not supporting


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That files are not supporting.

Which files aren’t supported ? Do you use a pc or phone ?

Please can you make it

I will use Phone.

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Same approach, use Total Commander and rename .zip to .aia

Please can you change it.
I have attached it. (3.6 MB)

Your problem is that this is not an aia file, from were did you download it ?


In case anyone still having problems, make sure to only compress “assets”,“src”,“youngandroidproject” folder.

not “project_name.aia_FILES”

also if anyone is confused for example in linux when you says “extract here” of a zip file or aia it will always be in a folder so some people including me :dotted_line_face: might try to compress the extracted folder.

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This is the correct way to compress. thanks for sharing.

I simply followed these steps while importing an existing aia project, edited the project properties file and then did the following steps to convert to aia:

  1. Select the folders: assets, src, youngandroidproject
  2. then right-click on the selected folders and click Compress.
  3. finally change the file extension from .zip to .aia by simply renaming it.

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