Import .aia File

Hi everyone! I am unable to find a way to import an .aia file to Makeroid. I used another app development website before to create apps but now I want to import the .aia file to Makeroid Builder.

Please help me.

Thanks in advance

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First open any project, click file, import project (.aia) from my computer.


Do not tag people in the post to get more people to see it.

Anyway, imports should work out of the box, unless you used some components specific to another builder.

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Thanks a lot. :grinning:
It would have been even better if the option was available in the Makeroid Builder Homepage

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Makeroid Andromeda removed the ribbon. Developers have been given the suggestion to add an “Upload AIA” button along with the “New Project” button.


Sorry for tagging… but I needed some urgent help.
By the way, thank you for helping

Edit the post and remove the tags.

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I hope it is OK now. :grinning:

More like basic forum etiquette.


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