AIA File Edit For source code

Hey guys Can you help me out please…
Actually i have to submit my College project.
I want to submit my Kodular maded APP,
but there need that apk source code… like java files,XML,Assets.
How can i edit.AIA file in Android studio,for source code.
through source code i will also learn​:v:

Help please :calling:

Sorry but there is no Java source, aia is the source


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but how can i get there coading
in simple way i want to learn coading of my app.
is any way to get my app code/programming??

you can make the project new in ap inventor java bridge thats a block builder from app inventor which gives you the java code. you can try to upload your project (aia) there but i think it will give troubles because Kodular hast 10 times more components and some higher versions ofsome sdks.
But maybe it will work, if not built your project there new if you want.

There is no other way, there is noting what you or i or the team can do.

This is a security feature made from the inventors that nobody can steal source codes.
You can get the source code with java bride but only if it is your project what you have developed.

i wish you luck maybe it works, if not i wish you happy coding again, if you coded your app alone you dont ned much time to copy all things.
Its a good thing to learn also. y
You will be better after you did it again.

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What is java bridge? and how i get it?
that is mine app which make by kodular​:heart:

Just Google it!:wink:

i can’t able to find,can you provide some link…
bdw if you know directly give steps.

What is Java Bridge?


i didn’t understand

google what is app inventor java bidge

Then translate it in your language :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses:
Click here

ok thanks, i will got it.

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