More Advanced Screen Copying

It would be extremely useful if screens could be copied from, and to, Arrangements. After all, a screen is just a vertical arrangement.

A screen is in code not just a vertical layout.
It is much more as that. :smiley:
But to explain it correct will need to much time because the code is to complex that is used for that :smiley:

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Yeah I know they are more (lol sorry for the simplification)
Just saying what they are on a very basic scale. (Screen1 is waaay more though)

So what do you think?

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A screen is a own activity.
In this activity can users add components.
And to add a activity into a component is not possiple in code.

And this explanation is just as simple as possiple :smiley:

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So… The components of a screen cannot be magically copied to an arrangement? Fair enough, idk how complex the underlying code for a screen is (I totally should, but I don’t.)
But would turning an arrangement to a screen work?

It would be theoretical possiple to extract only The Main Layout of a screen.
But this process will be then really critical, because the activity was after extract the parent Element.

And if you dont copy then all reference from The parent Element to the new reference The app will crash.

And this all would be really much work since users can change many options for the parent (Screen).

So NO matter if we can do what you want we will then and can never know if it would really working.

Just for you as information:
A empty screen which you can see if you export a empty App is just about for makeroid about 2800 lines of code.


So Merge Screens isn’t plausible for now. Got it. Arrangement > Screen should be easier, right? (I might be totally off, but still)

Yes exact this can work.
But for now there are no Plans.
As example we use for some components the same logic.
Example : Side menu.
Users can create on screen a layout.
We remove later the Layout from The screen and add it into the drawerlayout(side menu).

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This is a really interesting topic about how Makeroid works. :+1::+1::+1:


Btw we use the same logic too for the new view flipper component which is created by me too.
Users can create layouts for the flipping.
Then the user add it on the component.
And then the component removes it complete from the screen and use the layout for it self.


Well, if you always place a horizontal arrangement in your screen then you can just copy the screen and move the arrangement where you need it. You can however edit the AIA manually to get re result you want

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Can i copy or move a vertical arrangement of screen2 to screen1? How?

Open the source in a tab. Open a new tab, manually copy everything.

Please explain in detail i didnt understand.

There isn’t a way to do it automatically. You’ll have to do it manually. So, a slightly better way to do it is to use two windows on PC, splitscreen on Android 7+, or two tabs on older versions. For blocks, use the backpack.

You have to edit your aia-file with a texteditor if you want to do that. For that you have to learn about the internal structure of an aia file.


How do i edit .scm file? And how to copy layouts of scrren2 .scm into screen1 .scm

With a text editor. You will have to learn by trial and error. You are on you own on this one.

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