Bug compatibility

when trying to import and Screen.ais from an earlier version of this one from Kodular, I’m having problems.
I have some screenshots made in the previous version, and I have some screenshots made in this current version. when I joined the two, it gave compatibility problems. The error message says:
This project was saved with an initial release version of Makeroid, we will try to upload it but there may be compatibility issues.
C.Kodular says: An internal error has occurred. Report Bug?

Will I lose all my work? Or will it have any repairs? Please answer me.


Reload creator and screen will be added.
But if you have removed any extension that is on that screen then add it first before reloading.

I guess the screen was exported when Kodular was Makeroid. The problem is because of the structure of the .ais file.

I’m logging in by Kodular, like my password and Kodular Login. But loading my project is giving this message.
This project was saved with an initial pre-release version of Makeroid: we will attempt to load it, but there may be compatibility issues.

And what happens after reloading creator and opening your project?

it opens anyway, but I can not create the apk, and I can not even import any more canvases.
But before opening the project appears this error message and asks me if I want to report the error, So I say yes. The screen appears this:
Please help us by telling us what you were doing at the time of this happend. We have already included some technical data with this report. If you do not submit this report, nothing will be reported to us. If you submit a report, your comments along with the technical date will be sent to us.

Thank you for your help in making Kodular better!

Technical Data to be Submitted:

notes = Browser: Mozilla / 5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit / 537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome / 75.0.3770.100 Safari / 537.36
foundIn = 1.3C.2-Draco
faultData = java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Attempting to unquote string without quotes!
projectId = -1

When I try to open the screen that I imported, it does not open. When I try to open the screen that I imported, it does not open. and asks to report to Kodular the failure.

another thing I noticed when starting the project, is that the tab of my browser, does not appear Kodular. The Kodular logo appears and next to Makeroid.

Why you can not create app?
Or what error is showing?
Show your error logs so that we can help you.

I would like to put here some images for you to see, but I do not know how to import images into the community. How do I display the images here?

Just click on that button and upload image.

when I try to open this imported AIS, it accuses the failure and does not open the menu on the left and does not allow to complete the APK creation

That means that you have deleted any extension which is in this screen.

I did the following now, I got a perfect AIA here and did an APK. Then I imported any of these AIS below then the problem. I come to the conclusion that the problem is in the AIS Export. But I’m exporting the right way, I do not know why this is happening?erro4

And now what should I do if I can not import these AIS?

While these AIs are in the AIA Project saved, but when I export the same errors to recover in another project.

I’ll explain better.
The screen below number 1 and a project from last month. I can export this screen and when I try to import it into a new project, it gives the error.

As I know refreshing creator solves problem.
But in your case something is strange.
Kodular Developers can help.

Sorry to be asking for help here, but I’m already in it for 6 days and I can not solve it.

I would not want to lose all the screens I made. I need to solve this problem, I’ve already sent several reports to Kodular when the error occurs. I reported the flaws.