Unable to generate apk after update

this is my project photo editor. after update, kodular try to greater apk showing this error.

Can you tell us more about the extensions and components you have used?

I used tainfun extension. after showing this error i removed this extension and refresh my side. but still showing this error.

I set this topic as a bug. because still facing an issue I tried all from my side.

Can you try with a new project?

you mean try blank project generate apk ?

In new project with just hello world it’s build work


Then it means your old project is corrupted.

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so what is the solution ?

I have a total of 50+ projects created and live on the google play store. so I am looking for solution.

Create a new project.
Or wait till compiler start working for all projects.

Have you updated extensions?
You may have updated to a different or older version, try reverting to the previous version of the extensions you updated and try compiling again and see if it works.

@Point I think you have not read this topic carefully.

how much time need to wait for it?

Can you screenshot your project theme settings

@Boban Please check.

Now application build is working. problem solved.

Problem is by mistake I add new component banner ad in other screen. after I delete this component application build working fine.

As kodular upgrade to Android X, Previous extension will not working.
You will have to upgrade every extension. In your project.

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