Unable to get response - infintyfree hosting

Hello guys ,

I have hosted a sample json file in infinityfree , but when i try to fetch json file it shows

Error 1101 :unable to get a response with the specifed url

Json url - https://brokendisc.rf.gd/App/home.json

When i hosted to github & tried it works .

Hope anyone wil fix my prob


Link works OK.

Show your blocks - how are you trying to fetch your json ?


Infinityfree is made for only website hosting. You can not use it as android app APIs. You json will only be fetched when you will open the URL with a browser.

Read here :


You might be able to fetch the data using a webviewer and webviewstring to return the data to the app?

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I just used web view to call a php file with some parameters and it worked.


Thank you Tim.
I just learned something new. I posted the blocks, hope it helps others

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