Unable to Install Apps with Kodular Companion

I am Unable to install the App by scanning the QR Code with Kodular companion. Google play protect is not allowing to install the App. This is the situation even though “Install from Unknown Sources” is enabled. Are other users at Kodular are also facing the same Problem?

send your problem screenshot

Searching :mag_right: the community might help

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App is not installing after the qr scan. Google play protect is blocking the installation

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who to solved this problem
Ans-Click on Install Anyway

if your problem is fix then make my ans Solution

send your App

It’s possible your minimum API is too large, or there is an issue with the manifest.

If you have another DESI MALL app installed via google play and now try to update this app via .apk, it will fail.

Deinstall the old version and install old version by .apk and THEN try to update to your new .apk.

  1. package conflict
  2. keystore conflict

It worked. Thank You.

In other words, it was this that caused the error…

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Now I am unable to upload my app to play store. Acually what happened earlier, accidentally i deleted the Keystore. Now Play store is not allowing me to upload, How can I get rid of this.

Hi. Can anybody help me regarding this please

I bet that the answer to your question already exists on community, you just need to search for it…


You won the bet from @indianplans

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I searched in my words. But I didn’t found. Pls share the link.

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