Unable to live test

it is not sending assets if i delete assets it work properly…

May be check your assets, there may be something wrong with thier names.
Try to rename them and test again.

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sorry,it dont work…

Try To Change Your Assets

can you post a test .aia file? @THS_Developers

already but dont work @Vedang

walltone (1).aia (14.9 KB)

how long you wait ? sometimes hi resolution images causes loading time speed

I am able to live test your app successfully

but what’s the issue in my case
i also try to test in different mobiles but it don’t work &
if i don’t get any solution so i have the only way to leave this platform :expressionless:

BTW Which browser you are using??

If that is what you want nobody is holding you back.

How big are your assets?

these are just in kb’s

And how many are there?

just about 5 or 6 png’s

it giving me this error in each and every project in both chrome and firefox

now can i get solution???@Peter