Unable to load sound

Hello everyone,
I try to play an audio file (with the Sound or the Player component) but the following error appears:

Error 701: Unable to load Atmosphere Sound.mp3

There are many topics on this subject but they concern AAB files. I have tested on the Companion and with the APK and it does not work.

Here are the blocks:

I download the audio file from Google Drive, the file is stored at /…/packageName/Atmosphere Sound.mp3

Do you have any ideas ?
Thank you for your help

If your not file is bigger in size you need to give time to load. So better try with clock… when a file load set clock to timer for few sec like 5 or 6 sec and then when timer over set the mp3 to play

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I have advanced in my problem:
The audio file wasn’t in the assets file, si I change the response path of the web content to :

and I change the audio file path to :

It works !
But when I try with a bigger file, the following error appears :
Error 702: Unable to prepare /Atmosphere Sound.mp3

I tried what you said Still-learning, but without results. Is there a size limitation ?

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You can try adding it in assests and path to ///audio.mp3
where audio is you sound file name and .mp3 is extension of it.

Happy2Help :slightly_smiling_face:

Completely unclear what exactly this is about.

E.g. this:

/…/packageName/Atmosphere Sound.mp3

Excuse me I must have been tired, I wanted to say “I download the audio file from Google Drive, and the file is stored at /…/packageName/Atmosphere Sound.mp3”
I edited my message.

I found the problem:
You cannot download a file with a Google Drive * link if the file is larger than 100mb.

Indeed, the 100mb files are not analyzed by Google Drive, the site then asks in this case to confirm that we understand the risks. However, since we are on Android, confirmation is not carried out and the downloaded file is therefore not the one we expected.
This is why the sound component could not play my audio file.

*when downloading via the web component by configuring the url to: https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id= + FileID of the document we want to download

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