Unable to login facebook audience network?

I am not able to login to facebook audience network monitisation manager ??

Is this bug , are you facing it or only i am having problem ?

Tried so many times to login .

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I am not very familiar with ads but don’t you think you should ask this question on related Facebook page? I mean there doesn’t seem any relation between you not able to login in facebook monetization manager and Kodular

I am just asking here if any others kodular members are also facing or not .

can you share me the link through where i can contact to facebook audience team ?

Working fine. No problems.

I am also facing this problem.
When i opens it it shows a blank or white screen

Now, I am also getting white screen.

Wait for some time. It may be server error or site Maintenance.

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Now its working.

Just clear the browsing history of Fb audience network site, log out from it. Reload page and login again.

It works for me.

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