Unable to pick Image sprite picture from directory


I’m trying to set the image as an Image sprite or at least Picture. Image is saved in this directory:


It works perfectly with Lightbox dialog or Chat view image message (using the same method as with picture: providing file path), but somehow I’m not able to show it in other ways. I’ve also tried adding “//” at the beginning or “file://” or providing just the file name “12-30-2022-22-10-40.png” but it still doesn’t work.

Providing a picture to Image sprite was working with Image picker selection, but it’s formatted in the same way as above directory, so I don’t know where is the difference.

Read/write permission is granted, app file scope is set to Shared.

Thank you in advance for Your help!

Does it work when you set the DefaultFileScope to Legacy?

No, it does not change anything.
I also made graphic with my blocks and results.