Unable to SEND phone message with Texting component

Hello Everyone,

Today I tried to send SMS with the texting component but having some issues with it. I searched on this platform but all posts are way too old and not working in my case.

Your help is required here. Please share your thoughts or blocks to solve my problem.

Reply’s are highly appreciated…


What’s your Android version?

I tried it on 8 and 11

Before we discuss about your issue please post your block that you have tried

Hey Sumit,

here is my blocks please check


The problem seems in your blocks After seting the phone number you are again seting the phone number to Visit Emergency(Invalid) I think you want to set the messege there

I know but I tried with message also and it not working. In hurry to post I took the wrong screenshot

Its showing permission error

You dont need to take the permission manually with blocks it will take the permission automatically so remove the permission block and also try +91 country code after phone number

Tried with +91 but hard luck

please tell me one thing does this component working with the companion?

You can try with exported apk

Set recieving enabled to true.

Please share the number
set to 1 (OFF)
set to 2 (FOREGROUND)
set to 3 (ALWAYS)

Pocketrestro In your blocks section you set recieving to 1. Set it true or set it to 3

No, set it to 3. 1 is off.

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