Unable to upload using FTP

Hi @cian ,
I have already tried that. That’s also not working .

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test it in a apk and not with the companion.

Tried with APK also, not working

as it already has been said, use file:///… rather than file:////
also the space in the directory could be an issue… try to upload from the root directory and in case that works, replace the spaces by %20


do you have file/folder permission


I have FTP working fine. I pic an image, upload it. If it uploads OK a button shows up. Click the button, it will download it and show the image.

Here is an AIA with it fully working.

list.aia (2.8 KB)

Sorry @cian,
Your I compiled your AIA to APK but it’s not working.
Can it be problem on device?
I have Oppo A3s running Android Oreo.

Nope, I just tried it again on companion and it works. What is not working?

Read the blocks and see where all the notices get posted. What error is it.

Is Anything uploaded on your server. I have tried uploading many images. I am not getting Upload done alert.
And I have added On Upload Error block to get the error message in you list AIA, the app shows empty error.

Mate my Aia works with no changes loom at the blocks.

Just use my Aia and go fro there I tried it just now and it worked

I have also tried it without any changes, is there any change in files on your server.

Either it is a bug in the FTP component or that it doesn’t work well with all android version as it should


Hello @Boban,
Is FTP working for you?
Have you tried ?

Out of curiosity I tried it yesterday and today again and it seems to work some what sporadically, some of the components return results or none at all

There are extensions for FTP that cost a buck but since I have no use for this component at the moment, I don’t want to buy one either just to test that it works

If you really need FTP then I recommend Taifun’s App Inventor Extensions: FTP | Pura Vida Apps, even though I haven’t tested it for myself I have noticed that his extensions work better than built-in components.



I just tried again and it work. You ar enot saying what error message is comming up, you are not saying what is working or not.

The ey to FTP is make sure you conect and then disconnect when you are done

Here is what works.

  1. Image Picker to select an App. First thing I do after picking is connect to FTP. You will see if Have a connection status notification. if it connects OK it will give me a notifier OK, and if it is False it will give me an notifier. For debugging I then show the path to the selection in a textbox.

  2. When the upload is done, you see I get a notification that it is done, and then it make a button visible,. Notice I also DISCONNECT.

  3. I then click the now visible button and dan download the image. Notice the syntax. When download is done, I then disconnect AGAIN and show the now downloaded image in an image component.

If you have a problem, WHERE IS IT? It is very tricky to try to spend all this time and help if you are not being clear about the problem.

Hi @cian
I have picked the image and the notifier shows true for connection, but nothing happens after that.

Then I think you have a network issue. FTP needs two ports to operate. 20 and 21.

20 is the data port, and 21 is the connection port.

I have tried it in companion and downloaded APK. It works. So the component works.

Please can you tell me how can I check or reset / correct them?

From your desktop/laptop on the same network you are using your mobile device to test with try to manually connect to the FTP site and manually upload the file.

There are many google examples for that